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Coffee with the candidates on Saturday, Nov. 2

BunAppetitKelly Smith and Neil Snyder, candidates for the Groton Town Board, will be at Bun Appetit (215 Main St., Groton) on Saturday, November 2, from 10am to noon.

Kelly and Neil believe that the Town Board should be a resource committed to benefitting Groton residents. Come and share your thoughts about the challenges facing Groton and your hopes for Groton’s future.

Be sure to vote on November 5!

An open letter from Kelly and Neil

Dear Groton Neighbors,

We are running for two seats on the Groton Town Board because we are concerned about many issues that the current Town Board has failed to address. The current Board members have become complacent, no longer responding to the community’s needs and concerns.  The legacy of the Town Board incumbents is years of neglect.  Groton deserves better and needs change!

While all other towns in Tompkins County have recognized the dangers of  hydro-fracking and have prohibited the process, the current Groton Town Board has failed to act. In states where fracking is occurring, there is evidence of water pollution and plummeting property values; the current Board refuses to respond to our concerns despite the fact that nearly 1000 Groton residents have signed a petition asking the Board to ban hydraulic fracturing.

People pay relatively high taxes to live here and have the right to enjoy the peace and quiet of their property. Local zoning regulations protect some, but not enough, of those rights. Zoning needs to be strong, logical, and enforceable, especially when addressing public nuisances such as noise and traffic.  The Town Board incumbents have repeatedly refused to address either issue.

Despite laws which require government to be open and transparent, most issues effecting our town are discussed behind closed doors and through private emails. Most public board meetings last a matter of minutes, during which most agenda items are never discussed.  We will strive to improve the lines of communication when it comes to town matters. We promise to remain accessible to all the residents of Groton and will listen to your concerns.

We love the beautiful, tranquil, rural character of Groton, but it needs revitalization.  We will work hard to protect our community assets and strive to improve what could be better. By promoting healthy hometown values, and by listening to you, we hope to unify and strengthen our community.

To change Groton politics and chart a positive course for the future, please vote for us on November 5th!

Thank you,

Kelly Smith and Neil Snyder


Exhibition at the Main Street Gallery on October 19

Fracking Drill_Elm Tree_POSTER_FINAL_Email Invite_CroppedThe newly reopened Main Street Gallery (105 Main St., Groton) will host a GRAC fundraiser on October 19 from 6 – 11pm. The event will be hosted by Jeff Toolan and will feature the work of Groton photographer Glen M. Sanders.

The image on the right will be printed as a limited-edition poster and sold in black-and-white ($10) and color ($25) versions, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting GRAC.

This event is important both for GRAC and as an important step in revitalizing downtown Groton. We hope to see you there!