Public hearing on a fracking moratorium Dec. 10 at 7:30pm

The Groton town board just announced (with an absolute minimum of public notice) that they will hold a public hearing and a vote on the six-month fracking moratorium that they tabled over a year ago.  The meeting will take place on Dec. 10 at 7:30pm at the town offices, 101 Conger Blvd.  Please come and voice your opinion to the town board!

After over a year of stalling, why are they suddenly motivated to hold a hearing and a vote?  The town board members have repeatedly claimed that they do not think a moratorium is necessary.  Perhaps their motivation comes from losing the recent town board election.  The winner was Kelly Smith, who is against fracking and in favor of a moratorium.   Many people think that the town board’s sudden interest in the moratorium may be an effort to vote it down before Kelly gets a chance to join the board in January.

Come to the public hearing and let the town board know what you think!

For a quick overview on the Groton town board’s actions (and inaction) concerning a fracking moratorium, see the timeline.

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We are a group of Groton residents interested in raising public awareness of issues related to gas drilling, including land leasing and the methods and risks involved with unconventional gas drilling (a.k.a. “hydrofracking” or “fracking”). We believe that all of our neighbors, whether their land is leased or not, value clean drinking water, clean air, and the recreational opportunities and quality of life in Groton, NY.