Neil Snyder introduction


I love the beauty and rural character of Groton and I am grateful to those who have preserved the land. I will serve Groton residents with energy, commitment, and integrity. I will work to preserve our peaceful and clean environment for all those who live here.


  • Business management and leadership skills
  • Lifetime of community service
  • Work with youth as a Sunday school teacher and in the Ithaca school district

Groton is at a crossroads.  We have important choices before us. We can choose to build our economic strengths while preseving the rural character we cherish or we can choose the short-term gains from fracking while paying a staggering long-term economic and environmental price.

I will build on Groton’s strengths to:

  • Promote local businesses and new opportunities in green technologies
  • Protect our town by limiting heavy industry
  • Maintain opportunities for youth recreation

I will lead us down a path toward sensible noise regulations so that residents can enjoy the peace and quiet of their own homes instead of noise from sound systems miles away.  I will improve residents’ access to a more transparent and open government, in which discussions and work meetings are held in public.

I look forward to speaking with you about our hopes for Groton’s future. I want to hear from you. Please let me know what you want for Groton’s future and what issues concern you.  How can we work together to maintain Groton’s peaceful rural character while creating a more vital economy?

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