Sign the petition

Sign the online petition to ban hydrofracking in Groton:

In addition to the online petition, we have collected over 800 signatures on a paper petition to ban hydrofracking in Groton.  Our goal is to reach over 1000 signatures.

Groton residents enjoy the quiet, rural aspects of their town.  In 2004, the Joint Comprehensive Committee surveyed Groton residents in support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan for the village and town.  Part of the survey assessed the characteristics of the town that residents most valued.  The data were clear:

  • 97.5% of respondents felt that preserving scenic quality and natural beauty of the area is “Important” or “Essential.”
  • 97.5% of respondents felt that preserving the rural, peaceful character of the community is “Important” or “Essential.”
  • 81.8% of respondents felt that the volume of heavy truck traffic through residential areas is an “Important” or “Essential” issue.
  • 98.6% of respondents felt that maintaining existing roads was “Important” or “Essential”.

Marcellus-Air-27All of these attributes will be strongly negatively impacted by the massive industrialization that gas drilling will bring.  The petition will remind town board members of the values that Groton residents hold dear.